War Dogs Dedication Page

The only ones who can understand the Vietnam War are those who served proudly in America’s Forgotten War, to include Charles T. Livingston and the proud heritage of the War Dogs.  It was the Military Dog Teams, the men and their K-9s, who were used in service as Long Range Patrol Dog Teams, Scout & Sentry Dog Teams, Perimeter Defense, Mine, Wire and Tunnel Detection to get the job done.  A partenership, a kinship and a bond like no other.  The real heroes were not the men, but the the War Dogs.  It was a special relationship dog handlers and K-9s had no one can understand unless they walked the walk with the War Dogs.

Charlie’s tours were SEA, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia from 1965-68 and again from 69-70 with the Sentry/Patrol Dog Team in both the Army and Air Force.   I dedicated this site to all brothers in arms like the LRP Patrol Dog Teams and American, Asian and Tribesman alike, but more to the War Dogs; Ace/5F03, Shadow, Bugger, Nemo, King, Chigger Joe, Mike, Thunder, Princes, and War Dogs .

Charlie also served at the Wolf Pack, Kunsan Air Base Republic of Korea.  I am proud to say I served in the same place as Charlie.  I dedicate this to all Americans, both men/ women and most of all the War Dogs who gave their spirit and life defending the freedoms we enjoy today.   As with the Air Force core values, Charlie and his fellow comrades are the epitome of “Integrity, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do”.  Please honor the War Dogs and click on the site below to learn more about “America’s Forgotten Heroes”.

Ace/5F03 and Charlie, as Charlie prefers to have it mentioned, were on the perimeter of Cam Rahn Air Base, Rebublic of Vietnam from l965-66.  As a young lad, Charlie’s love and respect for the War Dogs, like Ace, was due to the greatest comfort and companionship anyone could have in a land of the Forgotten War. Even with a snap of the camera, Ace stood ready to defend to death, anyone who challenged Charlie or their post.  Ace, just one of the many heroes in the Forgotten War.  Less we forget, honor the War Dogs.