About Us

Charlie Livingston, wildlife artist and taxidermist for over 42 years. Specialist in life-size big game, shoulder mounts/custom done, habitat creation, game rugs African and exotic game, game fish, fresh and saltwater, small mammals and waterfowl/upland game birds. Graduate of Northwestern School of Taxidermy, Gary Sink, Fish Painting 1980, Jim Hall, Fish Paint, 1983, Big Game shoulder mounting with John Rinehart/1980, Casting/watermaking with Mark Frazier 1982, fish painting with Ron Reynolds “Real fish” productions, big game/life size with Joe Halco, Great Falls Sporting Goods, 1974/75.

Joshua Livingston: Wildlife Artist/Taxidermist, been with us since 2008. Specializing in big game rugs, shoulder mounts, small mammal mounts and habitat creations. Certified Journeymen Taxidermist in the Trades. Graduate of University of Alaska Fairbanks 2014, Bachelors Degree, licensed full-time taxidermist.

Joshua and I(Charlie) are lifelong Alaskans, avid outdoorsmen, pursuing the Alaskan Natural World in its hunting, fishing and trapping. Joshua’s Best Big Game trophy is his 7’ 3” black bear, mounted life size in showroom, with the 21 5/16 skull trophy. Charlie has taken all of alaska’s big game, except a buffalo and muskox. His best is a 67” Bull Moose, displayed on Ft, Wainwright in the #1 Dining Hall. Both of us have taken nearly all the fresh and salt water big game fish, working at it each summer.